Suckers on the Air!

We've confirmed that the following stations across the U.S. have spun songs from our new EP Suckers. If you're within listening distance of any of them, give them a call and request The Jellybricks!

And our thanks go out to all the stations playing our music. We'll keep this list regularly updated.

1. WERH Hamilton, AL

2. KBLA Los Angeles, CA

3. KROQ Los Angeles, CA

4. KVMR Sacramento/Nevada City, CA

5. KSCU Santa Clara, CA

6. KALI West Covina, CA

7. KVNF Paonia, CO

8. WRUF Gainesville, FL

9. WMEL Melbourne, FL

10. WMNF Tampa, FL

11. WXYB Tampa, FL

12. KEAO Lahaina, HI

13. WJHS Ft. Wayne, IN

14. WAMD Aberdeen, MD

15. WYRE Annapolis, MD

16. WHFC Bel Air, MD

17. WKHZ Easton, MD

18. WOCM Ocean City, MD

19. WERU Bangor, ME

20. KAXE Grand Rapids, MN

21. KMSU Mankato, MN

22. KDHX - St. Louis, MO

23. WQRZ Bay Saint Louis/Kiln, MS

24. WNTI Hackettstown, NJ

25. WRUR Rochester, NY

26. WKRL Syracuse, NY

27. WBWC Berea, OH

28. WJCU - Cleveland, OH

29. WNWV Cleveland, OH

30. WRUW Cleveland, OH

31. WUSO Springfield, OH

32. WNCD Youngstown, OH

33. KPOV Bend, OR

34. KRVM Eugene, OR

35. KWVA Eugene, OR

36. WRKW Altoona, PA

37. WRKY Altoona, PA

38. WDIY Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley, PA

39. WRVV Harrisburg, PA

40. YNOT Philadelphia, PA

41. KZMU Moab, UT

42. KPCW Park City, UT

43. WCTG Chincoteague, VA

44. WEBR Fairfax, VA

45. WRRW Virginia Beach/Williamsburg, VA

46. WBSD Burlington, WI

47. AL

48. NJ

49. Fluxedo Junction Internet Radio Long island/West Islip, NY

50. Radio NewYork International NY

51. Sirius/XM - Little Steven's Underground Garage NY

52. Syracuse Community Radio NY

53. VA